Wordament Snap Attack 1.0.1


Today we shipped an updated version of Snap Attack for Windows and Windows Phone, which bumps the version number to 1.0.1. For the most part, this build fixes some performance and stability issues that we heard from players during the first few weeks since shipping.

There are two notable changes that we want to call out:

  • Snap Attack will not play the home screen music if you are already playing background music through any music app.
  • We’ve updated the text of the Addict achievement to properly match when it unlocks: at 2,500,000 points. We had incorrectly listed it as 250,000 points, which was a typo from the World Champ achievement in Wordament.

So, if you haven’t been able to unlock Addict, it’s because you didn’t have enough points. With this new release, anyone with at least 2,500,000 points will unlock Addict.

World Champ update

We have one more notable change coming soon and we thought we’d let everyone know about the temporary loophole so you can exploit it. ;-) The official unlock description for World Champ is:

  • Achieved “Sore Fingers” and “Addict” and placed in the top 250 of the “Top Player” leaderboards

But, unfortunately, this is not how it is currently coded. This achievement unlocks according to Wordament’s rules: You’ve achieved “Sore Fingers”, have at least 250,000 points, and placed in the top 250 of the “Top Player” leaderboards. We will be fixing this with our upcoming launch on iOS in a few weeks, so if you want to get World Champ, now is the time! It is easier now than it will ever be again. You’re welcome.  ;-)

Lastly, and as always, thanks for playing and for all the feedback you’ve been providing.