What does getting over 20K in Snap Attack look like?

When we make new games like Snap Attack, we are never exactly sure how great players are going to play the game.  Sure, we make our best guesses at what top scores will be and what the best strategies are, but the truth is, you don’t really know much until you ship. Now that we have been released for a few weeks, we are starting to see what great players really look like.  Anecdotally, before we shipped, nobody on the development team scored over 11K.

Today I’m proud to show you playback from three legitimate games over 20K.


In this round, Princess Leena scores 20,636, besting second place by over 5K.


In this round, Perris1980 scores 20,825, besting second place by over 2K.


In this round, Frionil scores 20,490, besting second place by over 6K.

How did we make these videos? When you play around of Snap Attack, we record all the plays you make. So we wrote a little tool that plays them back and this is the output from the tool. It can look a little mechanical and odd because it only uses valid plays, and it doesn’t take in to account swaps and shuffles of tiles. Still, it gives pretty accurate representation of the pace at which these games were played.