Unlocking the World Champ Achievement, or “Why is this achievement so difficult?”

This is a question we’ve been hearing quite a bit lately, so we thought we would explain our reason for why it’s so difficult to unlock and then tell you what you’ll need to concentrate on if you truly wish to conquer this achievement.

To be perfectly honest: we made this achievement difficult because we wanted to make certain that it goes to the game’s true champions. This achievement is a mark of a deeply committed player to our game and IS achievable by anyone that wants to get it… but you have to earn it.

The achievement text itself is deceptively simple: “Appear in the top 250 positions in any of the Top Players leaderboards.” Part of the reason it’s not more descriptive is that’s about the longest piece of text we can write there. Digging a little deeper, there’s some additional details.

There are two ways to unlock the World Champ achievement:

Lifetime “champion”
Originally, there we only two Top Players leaderboards: Total score (all time) and Average score (all time). To unlock this achievement via these leaderboards, you need to have played:

Total score (all time)

  • 100 full games (which means you’ve unlocked the “Sore Fingers” achievement)
  • earned 250,000 total points
  • appear in the top 250 positions in Total score (all time)

Average score (all time)

  • 100 full games
  • earned 85,000 total points
  • appear in the top 250 positions in Average score (all time)

“Champ of the ___”
The other way to earn the achievement is to focus on one specific Top Players leaderboard and be the best at that. There are many time-scoped leaderboards, like Total score (today) or Total score (this week). You still need to have played 100 full games of Wordament and unlocked “Sore Fingers” before you qualify. But then, you need to also:

  • earn 10,000 points within the time period of that leaderboard: 24 hours, this week, this month, etc
  • appear in the top 250 positions in that specific leaderboard.

Let’s work through an example, OK? Today is Friday, December 5th, 2013, so to win World Champ Total Score for today, you must: within the next 24 hours have completed 100 full* games since installing Wordament, earn 10,000 points (today), and appear in the top 250 positions within this leaderboard.

If you’re going for the weekly achievement: you must have completed 100 full games, earned 10,000 points during the week (Friday is day 5 of 7), and appear in the top 250 positions within this leaderboard.

If you’re going for the monthly achievement: you must have completed 100 full games, earned 10,000 points during the month (December 5th—today—is the 5th day of the month), and appear in the top 250 positions within this leaderboard.

So, there you have. That’s how you earn it. Have fun swiping tiles and you might just unlock it without it noticing!

* NOTE: A full game is a complete rotation of a puzzle where you’ve played during at least 1:50 seconds of the game board and then the individual results and Leaderboard rankings (:45). Anything less than the above is considered a partial game.

406 thoughts on “Unlocking the World Champ Achievement, or “Why is this achievement so difficult?””

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