Snap Attack puzzle names

Did you know there are 16 different puzzle types in Snap Attack?  While developing the game we needed a way to talk about the various puzzle types, so we gave them code names.  We felt it would be helpful to introduce these so we have a common way to identify the puzzles.

The “givens” are the words formed by the immovable black tiles when the round first starts.  Many of the puzzle types are named after the shape suggested by the layout of the givens.  These shapes are sometimes shifted one way or another, and are often flipped horizontally, vertically or both.

Each puzzle also contains multiple word and letter bonus tiles.  Using these bonuses effectively is one of the best ways to reach a higher score.  In most puzzles types the bonuses are positioned randomly, but in some puzzles types the word bonuses are in fixed, never-changing positions.  In all cases we make sure that plenty of snaps can hit the bonuses – this helps ensure high scoring rounds and makes the game more fun.

Here are the currently running puzzle types.  Come tell us which ones are your favorites on Facebook.