Improve your Snap Attack score by striking gold

The first game of Wordament Snap Attack ever played was many months ago and it was on a piece of paper. The development team sat around one of our conference room tables with a print out, made in PowerPoint that resembled the boards we now play in Snap Attack. We wrote down lists of Snaps we could make and then we hand scored them after an hour glass ran out. There were no sounds, no animations and no leaderboards, but we knew were on to something fun. After that first round, we started talking strategy and in the coming months we watched as some of us became better players than others by employing various approaches to the game.

As we developed play strategies, we would try to coin names for them. The one I would like to introduce today is called Gold Mining and it’s very easy to do. The video below explains the details, but in a nutshell this strategy involves placing a 4-5 tile Single-Snap on the board and then rapidly rotating the remaining tiles around that Snap as fast as possible to discover Multi-Snaps. If you can place the Single-Snap over a bonus tile, this strategy will reward you with big points. It might feel like guessing at first, but very quickly you will learn and remember the new words you mine.

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