“Get in Shape” with Snap Attack

In Snap Attack, it is not uncommon to be able to play the same word in multiple places on the board. Each of these Snaps is scored, so you can easily rack up points by playing the same words all over the board. This is unlike Wordament, where you may only earn points for a single word once per round. The reason for this is in the very nature of the two games: Wordament is about word finding–and you are rewarded for each unique word you can find. Snap Attack is about Snap building–you are rewarded not for the words, but for each unique Snap (or collection of words) that you can build. This is why each Snap is shown with a little graphic next to it: That graphic represents that specific Snap’s shape. Notice in the image below, that when the Snap for LAKE is built and attached to the E in LANCES, the little shape shows your blue tiles, along with the black tile where you attached.


One of the more interesting Xbox Achievements in Snap Attack is called “Get In Shape” and it’s where you need to collect 56 specific Snap shapes. Some of these are really easy and you will just unlock them during the normal course of play. Others may require some deliberate planning and effort. Some of them may seem impossible, but they are not. To prove that to ourselves, we analyzed the puzzles that came out of our puzzle maker and found that every shape is offered at least 20 times each hour. But, because some of these can be challenging, we thought we’d help you out! Below, we are giving you examples of what each and every play shape looks like on a real Snap Attack board.

First, let’s start with a look at the Xbox Achievement: Get In Shape


Each shape shown on the sheet starts gray, and unlocks to blue once you have found a Snap that makes that shape. In order to build the shape, the entire Snap may only build that shape and nothing more. And now, below, we will demonstrate each of the shapes in the sheet above with a real puzzle and a Snap that completes it. Enjoy!