Report a problem with a puzzle

Humans do not, and frankly cannot, write the puzzles offered in our games. Snap Attack runs 432 unique puzzles per language, per day and Wordament does over 523 in each language. That’s about 10,000 unique puzzles a day. Both Snap Attack and Wordament puzzles are created by a complex computer program. That program has many checks and balances to make sure the puzzles are highly playable, fun, unique and family friendly. However, things can and do go wrong sometimes, especially when we are trying new things out.

If you see a puzzle that is not up the quality standards you expect from us please send us a note. It’s helpful, but not necessary, to include:

  • Which game you were playing
  • Words or tiles on the board
  • A screenshot
  • Game language
  • Time of day
  • Theme name if has one
  • Your Xbox gamertag or Facebook id

Contact us at and we will make sure we understand and address your concerns.